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"The Last Great Tax Saver 2020"


This is where the rubber meets the road. 

The Last Great Tax Saver (TLGTS) can close those max funded Indexed UL cases that you are presenting. 

Once you are working with your ideal prospect and have built the case for an Indexed UL - Run the illustration and enter the pertinent data from it into TLGTS to compare your IUL retirement proposal to a Qualified Plan or remove the taxes and compare to a Roth 401k the retirement plan options using colorful charts and graphs and a full summary page.

When you show TLGTS along with your illustration, your prospects will understand how great it is and they will buy from you. 

TLGTS helps explain how to avoid the 3 biggest things that can derail someone's retirement: 


The Last Great Tax Saver's, graphic simplicity, has sold millions of dollars of life insurance that will provide hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax free retirement income.