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No Charge Chronic Care Rider Clause In North American's Builder Plus IUL (GA)

Chronic Illness: The insured qualifies as chronically ill if a physician has certified that the insured is unable to perform, for at least 90 consecutive days, without substantial assistance from another person, at least two Activities of Daily Living or suffers from severe cognitive impairment. (Activities of Daily Living include bathing, continence, dressing, eating, toileting, and transferring).

In the new policy the  word  "Permanently" was removed after unable to perform!

The minimum Chronic Illness benefit per year is 5% of the Death Benefit on the initial Election Date or $50,000 if smaller. The maximum Chronic Illness benefit per year is 24% of the Death Benefit on the initial Election Date or $480,000, if smaller.
The accelerated death benefit payment amount that is received from the Chronic Illness benefit is based on the following factors.
1. The insured’s age at election. In general, the younger the insured’s age at the time of election, the lower the payment.
2. The benefit discount rate that the Company is required to use at the time of election. A higher discount rate results in a lower payment.
3. The insured’s life expectancy used by the Company. The longer the Company assumes the insured lives with a Chronic Illness, the lower the payment.



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