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The illustration is for North American's Builder IUL M-45 Preferred Non Smoker contributing $12,000 a year for 22 years through age 67 then taking out via fixed 0 cost wash loans $12,177 annually tax free through age 100. I ran the projection at .01% or 1/100 of 1 Percent which is the lowest return available. I also used a fixed wash loan for the retirement income because there is no opportunity for Arbitrage at these low projected rates and the policy allows you to adjust to whatever type of loan is best for the client at the time.

The Key to this product providing these returns is the 3% Underlying Guarantee and you can see how that works in the expenses report included as part of the illustration. I ran the market, an annuity, and the qualified plan at .01% as well although they can also have negative returns and even though they are not shown I am sure they will be there but the policy is not subject to any negative downturns. 

The account value does not decline at any time, even when the expenses are larger than the earnings.