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Are You going to be Replaced by an Insurance KIOSK


There a many jobs that are going to be replaced by robots in the next ten years. Most think it will be retail workers, truck drivers, and cab drivers that will go first.

Apparently Insurance Agents are also on the list, as can be gleaned from the video, about MetLife's Walmart KIOSKS. What they did say that stood out to me was that many people were calling the number on the KIOSK rather than applying for coverage at the KIOSK. Based on that it seems that these KIOSKS can be construed to be just a pretty Business Card

It would not be out of the realm of possibility that you, a licensed insurance agent will be able to and probably need to purchase an insurance KIOSK or even many insurance KIOSKS much like people that purchased vending machines for soda and snacks in the past and place them in waiting rooms hoping to do business. 

Generally they will probably be selling low cost uncomplicated level term coverage, Not Tax Free Retirement Plans, or some other form of permanent coverage as this is already being done online and these KIOSKS are just another way to get closer to the prospect.