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Of all the insurance products that you can sell Term Life insurance is probably the easiest to sell.

"Sell Term Life on Steroids!"

Now you can sell Term Life Insurance that directly benefits the insured while he or she is living, not just his or her beneficiaries!


Get Yourself Setup with the Quoting Engine


Even if you are not appointed with Banner or North American,

just press the save button at the bottom and you will be taken

to the quote engine to use as needed.

Be sure to write down your name and password. 

North American and Banner have added Drop Ticket to their Term and GUL  application process. 

This will enhance the application process, you just have to get the application started. With No Commission haircuts!

*****You will have to first be appointed with the companies that do a Drop Ticket 

Your appointments with the other companies can be added when you sell a case as long as you are not in a pre-appointment state. 

You can run quotes for 8 different competitive companies, just as long as you

are licensed in that state, we can then do just in time appointments.

Note: You can use a laptop, desktop, phone, or tablet to run quotes.

You can even copy the quote results and email it to the prospect.

Term Life Companies in the quoting engine:

North American,  Banner,  AIG,  Lincoln, Foresters,  Anico,  Ameritas, Transamerica

Drop Ticket and Quoting Engine Video Demo