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Ogletree Agents

Appointed through Louis G. LaBash!

Set Up Webinars on Tax Free Retirement and Let Louis' do the Webinar for You!

Call: Louis G. LaBash  Tel: 1-855-LESS-IRS (1-855-537-7477)

To Learn how to set up a Webinar to talk about about Tax Free Retirement with your CPA, any CPA, or any Client  that you would like to work with.

To get the webinar set up just Start by giving out a Personalized copy of "The New Hire Retirement Plan" that is a PDF file that has an embedded version of "IUL Easy as 123" and is set up to show how much better a Max Funded IUL built for Retirement Income is, than a Qualifed Plan.

You can also share one of the other white papers we have with the prospective Clients or CPA to prime the pump for a personalized webinar.

Then we can set up a time, for me, to do to do a personalized webinar just for your prospective CPA or Prospective Client.

There is limit of how many of these I can do a week, so it is first come, first serve!