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Charter Plus premium bonus special extended
While the North American Charter® Plus fixed index annuity premium bonus special was slated to end Jan. 15, your clients are in luck. The offer’s been extended for a while longer, and they can still get an additional 1% premium bonus for the first seven years – making the 14-year bonus 11% (high band) and the 10-year bonus 8% (high band).1,2 Run an illustration.


Product buzz

Product portfolio changes now in place
If you haven’t yet, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the updated North American annuity portfolio, already a little slimmer in the New Year.

California, Montana producers can start selling SDA X
next week

The innovative liquidity of the Strategic Design AnnuitySM X (SDA X) fixed index annuity, the industry X-factor, will be available to producers in California and Montana starting Feb. 5.

New SPIA application, product brochure coming soon
On Feb. 19, we’ll be updating our North American Income® single premium immediate annuity (SPIA) application to include payment election while also giving the product brochure a fresh look. The new app, available on the effective date at, will be required for all business received on or after
Feb. 19.


Let's talk about sales tools

Illustrated rates shift to new 10-year range on Feb. 5
The most recent illustrated 10-year period will reflect the new 2009 to 2018 window, effective Feb. 5. See for yourself how the change impacts the products you sell most frequently in the illustration tool at


Home office news

Annual policyholder survey will go to select life, annuity clients in February
North American is in the process of conducting its annual policyholder survey, and we’ll reach out to a select group of life and annuity clients in February.